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Ipsy Glambag Review – June 2017

This is my personalized June Ipsy Glambag!! Loved this one! VOLUME UP!! That’s this month message as a reminder to speak our minds and be vocal. How Ipsy manage to be so on point with it’s narrative?! E-ve-ry Ti-me! Very inspirational. Loved everything about this bag.     I received so…

My Favorite Youtubers

My Favorite Youtubers

One of my hobbies is to binge watch not only Netflix but You Tube. It’s fun and educational, if you know where to look at. So, I’m gonna share which YouTubers are my favorite of them all! #1 FINANCE MASTERS The Financial Diet Since I started my personal finance expedition,…

The ABCs of being Present

The ABCs of being PRESENT

  At my 30s, I’ve beginning to ask myself if I am aware enough of my surroundings or if at some point in the future, will I be wondering what have I done with my life, time or precious relationships. And, because I try to keep things simple and practical,…

Ipsy Glambag - May 2017

Ipsy Glambag Review – May 2017

This is my personalized May Ipsy Glambag!! Loved this one!   This month’s theme is Summer Friday! Again, just like that, Ipsy get my style in every Glambag!   Specially intrigued when I saw this eyeliner. Because I love Pixi eyeshadows, so it was only natural to gravitate towards this…

My Ipsy Glambag April 2017

Ipsy Glambag Review – April 2017

This is my personalized April Ipsy Glambag!! Loved this one! This month’s theme is SideShow; it brings me flashbacks and bold confidence. Loved every product in this bag. So let’s get started!! At first impression, I was like… another little sample. But believe me, this time around, although little it’s…