Why you should consider having a DOG

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Three years ago I did not consider the idea of having a dog; I thought they were dirty, furry and smelly.

As any new interest in my life, observation was key. I moved to a place where having a dog was almost a requisite to being a decent neighbour. You could see them walking their dogs in the morning, afternoons and nights. They looked so happy!

So I just got a kind interest in dogs. Little did I know, having a dog became my obsession. I just researched different breeds that could accommodate to my lifestyle: some random details about myself… I suffer from allergies to the majority of dog’s fur, I live in an apartment with my hubby and our little rabbit, we do not have much time in our hands (we both work a lot).

We learned the ideal breeds for us were:

Yorkshire Terrier



After considering all the above, we decided to have a Maltese or a Maltese mix. Those little dogs are clean, intelligent, they have hair (like humans) instead of fur, they are pretty and very dedicated to their owners… some say that they never stop being playful… eternal puppies!

Some of the benefits I can assure you to be truth:


Have a loyal companion

Your dog will never leave you alone and you will be glad and cozy all the time


Say goodbye to stress

They know how you feel and will do their best to make you happy


Become more active

You will be reminded to exercise and play along; mine has me on a walking schedule


Feel protected

They are very protective and alert you of any risks


Welcome spontaneity

You will never be bored again, trust me on this, when you least expect, they are going to make you laugh


Connect with your present

They are going to make sure you are present to play with them and connect with your surroundings


Say hi to new experiences

You will have new hobbies and a complete new network of dog owner friends