5 Simple Ways to Keep the Spark AFTER Valentine’s Day

That’s right! Today is February 15, which means Valentine’s Day is over. Let’s share some intimates. 

After almost a month of planning, yesterday it happened… the perfect romantic escape and the best gift I could think for my hubby. Then, I woke up this morning asking myself… now what?! Do we continue on with our daily routine or do we extend the thrill and excitement of Valentine’s Day as long as we can?

Although we can’t agree on the exact period of time and date for our anniversary, we have been together for a long time… over 15 years. Yes! We were high school sweethearts and certainly grew up together.

The magic of our relationship is that it still feel new (because we, as humans, continue to evolve and change over time) and believe me when I say, he keeps surprising me as a man and as a person. Don’t get me wrong, there are challenges to keep the spark going and being present without falling into a black hole of conformism. We work a lot on our communication, romance as a couple and with ourselves as individuals.

So, I have been thinking on how to keep things as interesting AFTER Valentine’s Day. I know will work wonders for us, and I hope you find them useful too.

These are 5 simple tips using basic human nature: OUR 5 SENSES 

ONE: Play with the scents!! SMELL like love!! 

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that has been around for over 100 years; it basically proves the importance of scent in the human being. Simplify that principle. Keep in mind the space you share with that special person; use it to your advantage. Scents can set the mood for romance; that’s one of the reasons you share flowers. Think about what scent makes you ((and your partner)) feel relaxed and sexy.

Some great options are essential oils like: Rose, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli. You can benefit from those scents by having a diffuser. Another option could be flowers… classic romantic. You can be traditional with roses or give it a twist with some tulips… and orchids are so exotic.

TWO: Write those feelings!! Let’s SEE the sentiment!!

Come on… with technology we keep forgetting the importance of a good old letter. There isn’t a best way of expressing your feelings; in writing you literally can see the effort, the emotions, the attention and the exhilarating sentiment.

You can keep it simple like me and use a pretty frame as an eraser board, put it in your entryway and use it to leave little love notes. I like to mix it up with some positive affirmations from now and then. When you are living your house and see the note ((and if you are feeling creative you can draw something too – funny or pretty – what is important is the good intention, right?!)) you leave with a smile. 🙂

You also can upgrade your game with a love letter once in a while… you know, some details come unexpected and those are the most special. I bought a greeting love cards set with assorted look and feels and it gives me the romantic touch with the convenience of having them accessible at my desk. I am just practical like that 😉 and today is the best day to find them at a discount, because Valentine’s is still in the air.

THREE: Kiss like you mean it until you TASTE the passion!! 

Keep the passion with a lot of kisses during your day, the more the merrier. I see the act of kissing as that parenthesis in your day when nothing else matters. It’s the best distraction, the best therapy and of course the best way to connect and demonstrate your openness and comfort.

My hubby and I agreed to kiss in the morning as soon as we wake up, in the evening when we arrive from work and at night just before sleep. This ensure us at least 3 good kisses during a normal day. You can only go up from there.

FOUR: Be mindful with a TOUCH of sweetness!!

It seems simple and you could think it’s common sense to NOT forget the caress, cuddling and making-out sessions. But let’s be real; with our hectic schedules, careers and daily responsibilities it’s surprisingly common to forget that important part of your relationship. And needless to say, that is very dangerous. The happiest couples I know, don’t keep their hands to themselves; they demonstrate their love at every opportunity.

SO, keep some space to yourselves and make sure you share those sweet little moments of connection. This is our vow; my hubby and I try to make magic in those unexpected moments. Sometimes with a sweet gaze you strength that connection.

FIVE: Let the rhythm flow and HEAR the sound of complicity!!

Be present and set the atmosphere with some music you both like. Sounds are key to our state of mind. Try to indulge in the luxury of a classic Valentine’s dinner within your day to day rituals as a couple.

Let say you both are cooking together, or doing something individually… share a room and put on some music. I can guaranty that at some point you are going to connect, maybe even set the mood for a private impromptu party.

Finally… Always nurture your 5 SENSES

Having a relationship is easy… maintaining it and keeping the spark requires consistency and dedication. The magic is there, that important person decides every and each day to be and stay with you. Just remember that and be mindful of what it means.

Happy AFTER Valentine’s Day!!