Hi, I’m Cici! A thirty-something girl with a passion for writing and learning about everything in life. An enthusiast of fashion, animals and of course, food! I live with my “little beast”, a doggie who thinks & behave human.

I have a Master in Human Resources Management and have some certifications like PHR and SHRM-CP. As you can expect from my profession in HR, I love human interactions, learning opportunities and team experiences. So, I like to write about those as well.

Indefinite Us 

When I started this blog in 2016, little did I know the immense World I was exploring! Indefinite Us has been a special place for me to share ideas, thoughts and ramble a little ;), I’ve been learning a lot and meeting new people who are as passionate as me and that …. makes me humble and thankful everyday!!

Ah! You can expect some beauty hauls & reviews, but keep this a secret from my hubby.

Welcome to Indefinite Us!